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Last May 11, a great guitar player a gre    <...read more...>

Last May 11, a great guitar player a great friend of Casa Ramrez died. Our dear Manuel Babiloni. He was a key in the development of our Auditorio guitar, and the first to have our Auditorio Duo, every day he taught it to express a new sound, a new shade secretly hidden in the grains of its wood. He helped me to have confidence in the result of this guitar and he encouraged me to continue to move on with my work and with this construction system. He used to call me frequently to keep me informed of his new discoveries, as his guitar and him learned together to get better. Manuels heart stopped while he was playing the guitar, as the warrior he was, until the last moment of his life armed with his music. Marta, his wife, told me that she found him embracing it.

In Casa Ramrez we all are mourning over this news. And we all will miss this marvelous artist, this great friend.

Amalia Ramrez

Handcraft from 1882
Jos Ramrez guitars are constructed from aged wood of the finest quality. Great care has been taken to use no wood before its time. Wood that is characteristic of generations past: Cedar, Ebony, German Spruce, Cypress, Indian Rosewood, and Jacaranda. Lately we are using the best quality of authorised rosewood and Red Cedar, which was first used by my father, Jos Ramrez III when he discovered its sonorous qualities.

I personally supervise the construction process from start to finish, and all of the guitars must receive my final approval to indicate they are of the highest quality. My desire is to practice the time honored tradition of my fathers and build the very best guitar possible.
Amalia Ramirez